3 days / around 100 lectures /

experts from all over the world

Welcome to the international conference dedicated to discussing and analyzing the links and interdependencies between heritage and development.

The conference will be held virtually. Feel free to register!

About the conference theme

The period of political and economic transformation in Central European countries has given rise to a vast utilisation of heritage assets, both tangible and intangible, for the purpose of economic development. However, among others, the current global context highlights the importance of understanding heritage resources as means of a deeper and more sustainable development – not merely material, but also socio-cultural, transgressing the hitherto prevalent economy-oriented viewpoint.

By means of addressing such issues as, for example, the role of heritage in sustainable development, civic engagement, and social integrity, the Forum’s objective is to demonstrate new, implementable approaches required by the unprecedented challenges Europe is currently facing.

During the conference, there will be both plenary lectures, as well as parallel sessions, divided into the five stages:

  • HERITAGE AND POST-GROWTH stage is dedicated to such issues like limits of economic development based on heritage assets, tourism as a danger, new goals in development, strategies of heritage cities and sites, what values should we protect? heritage sector institutions and postgrowth, green museums
  • HERITAGE AND SOCIAL INTEGRITY stage is dedicated to such issues like heritage cities and post-tourist void, heritage oriented social renewal, who owns the heritage? profile of the heritage heir of the future, collective responsibility
  • HERITAGE AND URBAN RENEWAL stage is dedicated to such issues like urban strategies for the renewal of post-tourist city, role of the public sector in heritage site management, new functions of heritage sites in the post-tourist era, heritage sites as a model of a mixed-use environment, heritage and sustainability
  • HERITAGE AND CLIMATE CATASTROPHE stage is dedicated to such issues like heritage sites as a lesson in sustainable development, what can we learn from the climate changes of the past, heritage gardens and parks as a key development asset, how to deal with the sites of catastrophe, heritage and sustainable energy production and consumption
  • HERITAGE AND RESILIENCE stage  is dedicated to such issues like survival strategies in time of pandemic, case studies of the management of change, how to learn resilience and implement it

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About the conference

The Heritage Forum of Central Europe is a cyclical, biennial event organised by the International Cultural Centre in Kraków. It is an interdisciplinary platform for meetings and discussions on the relations between the past and the present informed by the broad understanding of heritage. The Kraków conference is the voice of Central Europe on the philosophy, management, protection, economics, politics and social issues of cultural heritage.